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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Choosing The Right Student Credit Card

Having the amount of cash you need on hand when you need it is important when you are a student. What may be even more important is that some credit cards will save you more money than others allowing you to have even more money on hand if you are on limited budget. Here is how you can choose the right student credit card and get more money back.
Student credit cards come with a variety of benefits. Each category is designed to be of particular benefit according to your specific needs. This way you choose the kind of student credit card that will be the most benefit to you. These cards range from driver's cards, which give points or rebates for the gas and car repairs you pay for, to entertainment cards that give points for going to movies, purchasing DVD's, CD's and other electronics, to air miles for your flights and hotels.
By choosing the type of card that you need - or according to your greatest expenditures each month, you can get discounts, cash back, or even free stuff like trips, tickets, free movies, tickets to Disneyland, and more. Normally, most student credit cards have two levels for giving out their points. A higher level focusing on the type of card it is, a gas card will give the most points for gas purchases at their brand of gas station, but will give fewer points or cash back for other purchases, like food, restaurants, and clothes. Read More>>