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Thursday, December 11, 2008

5 Fabulous Valentine Gift Ideas For Her

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you have no idea how to show your love for your special girl. Don’t worry: here are several ideas you can use now, and be a hero.
1. Roses! I know what you are thinking: boring, thoughtless, not good enough, etc. Well, here is a way to make giving roses very special: buy her a dozen roses and place a pearl inside each rose bud. As the rose buds open, the pearls will be revealed as an extra surprise. Once she finds all your pearls, take them to the jewelry store and have them strung into a necklace - something your true love will be able to hold onto once the roses are gone.
2. Say "I love you" for 12 entire months with a coupon book filled with favors that she can redeem throughout the year. Choose a different favor for each month of the year that she can redeem on any day of the month. Here are some suggestions: a foot massage, a back rub, cleaning up after dinner, a night out alone, etc. Read More>>