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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Six Ways To Save Money On Hotels

To save money on hotels, you can start with the internet. Be careful relying solely on travel web sites, however. The ones that find the cheapest plane tickets work pretty well, but you'll never find the cheapest hotel rooms online. Of course, you probably don't want the cheapest room, but you do want to know what your options are, right?It seems that the web sites which locate cheap hotels for you only work with those that have a decent marketing budget. Or perhaps they assume for you what kind of room you want, and so exclude the ones that they don't think are appropriate. This is speculation on my part, but what is not speculative is the fact that I have often found cheaper rooms than the ones listed on these web sites. How? By doing the following.
1. Start with sites like, but don't stop there. This just gives you an idea of what is available - and sometimes you will find a great deal.
2. Find a online phone book for the town you are traveling to. Look up hotels and motels in that, and call them directly.
3. When traveling by car, take the hotel coupon-books available at gas stations, rest areas and visitor's centers. These will often save you $10 or $20 at hotels you might have stayed at anyhow. Read More>>