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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reduce Your Debt Burden

Should you find yourself in debt, in order to pay any creditors it is advisable to sell some of your possessions. Think long term regarding this - losing a few 'precious" things now will get you out of debt and once you are back on track you can replace them. If things are a little more serious and it is a car loan or mortgage or indeed both that you cannot repay, think seriously about selling. You may find yourself in the fortunate position of not only having enough funds to pay off your debt, but there may even be some money remaining. If you don't have anything worth selling it is advisable for you to investigate the possibilities available to help you repair your credit and then start over building your credit rating.

Another obvious choice is to reduce your spending to save money, putting these savings into reducing your debt. Most people buy things they really don't need and there are plenty of others who are willing to buy these same things, so a garage sale can be a fantastic way to raise a few extra dollars towards the bills. EBay is also an excellent place to sell items you no longer need.Another possibility is to negotiate with your credit providers. Many creditors are willing to reduce monthly payments for a period of time to help you get back on track as they view any payment, no matter how small, as preferable to receiving nothing. Nothing is really impossible. What can you do to reduce your expenses and start getting your life back?

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