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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Real Estate Investment with the Features of a Corporate Bond

Why are so many investors, foreign and domestic, placing their money in NNN properties? Net-leased real estate provides a unique investment opportunity to individuals or institutions interested in owning real estate without the hassles of management and leasing typically found in conventional real estate investments. Net-leased projects are most commonly single-tenant, credit-driven investments on long-term leases which require minimal or no landlord responsibility.As a result, investors are not bound to their geographic markets, whereas they would most likely be with a traditional real estate investment, not just closely watched “backyard” opportunities.
A net-leased (NNN) property is effectively a long-term bond of a corporation in the form of a lease document encompassed by real estate. The investment appears to be a bond-type investment due to the “coupon-clipper” type of returns, 6%-10%. However, they also provide the added benefits of tax reduction and property appreciation found in conventional real estate. Read More>>