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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Openings are key to successful sales letters!

If there’s one thing your prospective customers probably don’t have, it’s time – time for you, time for your advertising, even time for them. Knowing this is key to writing an effective sales letter. These days it seems as though you have only nanoseconds to grab your readers’ attention. If your opening doesn’t do its job, your letter goes unread.

The number one rule to getting your letter off to an effective start is to write from your readers’ perspective. To do this, begin not by describing your product or service but by appealing to your readers’ interests, needs, or desires. Only after you have caught the attention of your readers should you begin trying to convince them that what you have is what they want. Here are some examples of attention – getting openings that might help you connect with potential customers:

Offer of dramatic savings “We can provide you more dependable courier service at half the price you now are paying.” Offer of a gift, free trial, or coupon “As a busy office supervisor who has only limited time for shopping – and no time for mistakes in purchasing – you will be pleased to know that you can shop for all your office needs through Office.NET, for more detail visit a new, interactive computer network now available in your area. Call today for free installation and a no-obligation, 30-day trial.” Read More>>