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Saturday, November 01, 2008

High Tech Deal Verses Quality Value

I know how to shop! Some purchases caught my attention however because of the price was right. Other time I was attracted to a sale ad, honestly name product shopping on interment sites and auction site can be challenging to find. Some don’t live up to the deal and quality I am looking for. I am a business person and can get wholesale prices for high-tech products and sales; however I, as a consumer then want the same quality yet best price when I need to get a special gift or home purchase just like anyone else.
I like the newest, hottest high Tec home and entertainment things on my budget and I am sure yours. To really do this should not be so difficult, like coupon cutting, weekly ads and seasonal clearance. Those latest products and gadget are no longer the best long term investment even for a gift! For example you wouldn’t get the latest gamming system on clearance, unless your children are young enough to not know better. How would it be then to find a product that is the latest hit and you got the best price? Now I would but a patio set or a ring on clearance or very low pricing because the quality is still there yet the attraction is not out of style for years. I would get a Vizio 42; LCD HDTV that was $946. Before winter then in the spring was $ 898 even though some of your neighbors already had it for several months before you, you still can enjoy style and elegance, quality and affordability, without going broke or wishing you could get the best gift without anyone knowing you got a steal on quality and pricing. Read More>>