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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Email Marketing - Part of Marketing Mix

The advances in technology over the last twenty years have drastically changed the marketing mix. These days almost everyone has an email account and many companies have successfully channeled this as yet another opportunity for reaching their customers. When thoughtfully integrated into your marketing plan, email is a valuable tool.
A successful email campaign starts with a list of emails. This seems like a silly thing to point out, but your list is crucial. Figure out how to get an email address at every point of customer contact. Whenever you ask for other information, ask for email. Create a prompt in your telemarketing. Insert a question about email in your direct mail, business reply cards at checkout, and everywhere else you can think of. Make sure you prominently place opt-ins on every page of your web site. As more customers voluntarily share their email addresses with you, your list grows more and more valuable.
Email affords the opportunity to dialog with your customers, whereas traditional marketing is a one way communication. Sticking with the tried and true means that you miss an important chance to start that conversation and solicit feedback. Try sending quizzes and surveys to find out the impressions and motivations of your customers. Track who follows links to other promotions. This can provide crucial information to inform your more traditional marketing methods. Often, people research a product on line and then purchase it from a brick and mortar store. This grants an excellent opportunity to track the success of marketing exposure in another media. For example, when you track discount codes and links to printable coupons distributed by email you can absolutely measure the success of that campaign. When you know which approaches are successful then they can be repeated. You can also measure success by segment. Did you get better response from different zip codes? This knowledge allows you to concentrate your other ads in the areas with the most potential. Read More>>