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Friday, November 28, 2008

DTV Converter Box Tips

Time is ticking away. There are only a bit over 200 days left until the end of most analog television broadcasts, and many of you still aren’t ready. Consumer concerns over purchasing and setting up DTV converter boxes that will allow televisions to pick up the new digital signals are coming in force, said Joel Kelsey, policy analyst for Consumers Union.
TV is about to become very complicated, said Phillip Swan, author of TV dot com: The Future of Interactive TV and founder of TVPredictions.Were hearing a lot of confusion in the marketplace, Kelsey said.
Over 1 million of the $40 DTV coupons offered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration have already expired without being used, according to the NTIA website. (The coupons have a 90-day expiration date by law.) These coupons are being made available to help offset the cost of purchasing a DTV converter and are available to all households in the US. Read More>>