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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Business Giveaways for Tradeshow Promotions

Business giveaways serve many purposes. They’re used to promote brands or to reward customers. They help boost poor sales and can be used to say thank-you to loyal patrons. They’re marketing tools companies can’t do without.
Business giveaways like custom pens, key chains, rulers, caps, stress balls, magnets, and mugs help you introduce your brand to people who are unfamiliar with it. Given as freebies to patrons, these logo representations help your brand build recall. People who are constantly exposed to your brand will make it a part of their options. On the other hand, flat and lightweight business giveaways like bookmarks, stickers, memo boards, business magnets, rulers, and sticky notes, bundled with informative flyers and brochures about your company, are effective direct-mail tools to tell people about your products and services offered.
Business giveaways are also useful for store openings or product launches. Restaurants and bars can reward the first 100 guests with promotional coasters, koozies, or mugs that they can take home. Car repair shops will find that promotional auto accessories like shades, tool kits, license plate holders, bumper stickers, travel mugs, and similar business giveaways can draw more customers. Offer a coupon for a free wash or a complimentary tune-up. The lucky recipients will no doubt tell their friends and neighbors about this car repair shop with the cool giveaways. Read More>>