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Saturday, November 22, 2008

About Joint Venture & internet Marketing

Apart from being the fastest, easiest, and most profitable strategy for attracting clients and boosting profits in any small business, there are so many other advantages of joint venture marketing for all parties involved. So, why aren’t all small business owners implementing joint ventures? Here’s a partial list of the most common mistaken beliefs about joint venture marketing. I’ve picked the top five to shorten your reading time, but you can listen to more mistaken beliefs when you tune in to hear me being interviewed by That There’s A High Risk of Losing Money. If you’re like most small business owners, then the fear of losing money is inevitable because you’re probably on a shoestring budget to start with. However, you can’t lose money when you’re paying for results only. You only pay out a commission when your joint venture partners’ clients buy from you. So, you actually get the revenue before incurring the expense. The only other pre-sale expenses are production costs and printing/postage costs for letters, coupons or vouchers. Whether you do joint ventures or not, these are costs you’ll incur anyway, because you’ll need those coupons or vouchers for other marketing tactics. Read More>>