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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trade Show Success Tip: Train Your Exhibiting Staff

One of the keys to trade show success is the training of your booth staff. Each trade show requires a specific marketing message targeted to a unique prospect and an exhibiting staff that can communicate with that audience. In order to take advantage of your trade show appearance, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable, qualified and highly trained sales staff at your trade show booth. Before the trade show, rehearsals and training sessions for your exhibiting staff are essential to maximize the leads and visitor sales potential at a trade show.Here are the basic tips for grooming your exhibit staff:
1. Hire an exhibit staff trainer before the trade show.
2. Have a trainer in the booth to set up procedures and monitor booth activity.
3. Provide incentives (to stimulate tradeshow booth traffic, give a gift coupon out every hour). Read More>>