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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Search Engine Marketing - Use the Right Landing Page

The landing page design that you use on your website can make a big difference in how many customers or clients that you attract. It's very important that the landing page design be specifically set up to accomplish a goal. You can use search engine marketing to get new clients or customers to click on the website's landing page but then what happens? A strong landing page design can close the deal, but a weak landing page design will send your clients and customers surfing away.

There are two different types of landing page designs that most websites use. A reference landing page is usually not a hugely profitable design. You can place ads on a reference landing page that might bring in some revenue but overall the point of having a reference landing page is to give the customer some kind of information or draw the customer further into your website. You can also use some search engine marketing and search engine optimization on a reference landing page to draw the customers to another part of the site.

The second type of landing page design that is used by many websites is a transactional landing page. As the name implies a transactional landing page design is set up to get something from the customer. Sometimes the transactional landing page can be used as a sales page to convince the customer to buy your product. Other times a transactional landing page is used to get information or help a customer sign up for something. For example on a transactional landing page there might be an advertisement for a newsletter or information packet about your product or even a coupon or discount offer for your product that customers could sign up to receive in the mail or in their email which will give you the opportunity to collect valuable customer data and to follow up with customers which lead to more sales. Read More>>