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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Inexpensive Ways to Order Personal Checks

When one opens a checking account, inevitably the sales pitch to order checks through the back is given. Many banks offer a special price on the first book, only to charge more for subsequent orders of personal checks. However, there are ways to avoid overpaying when you order checks.
Upon initially opening a checking account, it isn’t a bad idea to order personal checks through the bank. This ensures that all of the information is correct, and if a mistake is made, it is easier for the bank to fix it at no extra charge to you. When it comes time to reorder, however, it is a good idea to order checks from a different company.
Special coupon mailings are a good source of companies that print personal checks. The fun part of ordering checks from these companies is the variety of styles usually offered. Additionally, when your order personal checks on special, there is usually a free book of checks involved. The regular price is often nearly half what a bank charges, and many companies will include a fourth book at no extra charge when you order three. Read More>>