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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tax season is here and you all might be anxiously waiting for your tax return. According to IRS, on an average each taxpayer would receive an estimate tax refund of $3000 for year 2013. You might be willing to spend money on lavish vacations or luxurious items which you have been dying to grab from long. But before making final decision; consider below mentioned options that will give biggest bang for your buck.

Pay your Debts
Tax refund is the largest yearly sum you receive. Use it as an opportunity to finance your debts, especially if rate of interest is high. Spend it in paying debts for credit card, bank, or more.

Career Investment
Take advantage of tax refund to spend as an investment for future. Opt for right career path by analyzing your inner skills and capabilities. Fee structure for professional educational courses and online classes are quite expensive. So, spending refund amount on your career plans will owe you more earning power and flourishing career in future.

Build up Retirement Fund
Cost of standard living is higher these days that we could hardly save anything for future. It's important to plan for now and later. Investing in a retirement plan is a good idea. It will give peace of mind and add value to investment. Means you can enjoy luxuries of life and play well in second innings as well.Read here...